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Communicate - Collaborate - Complete.
Get Your Deal Done!

Communicate with NextCloud Talk.

Collaborate with Collabora Online.

Close the Deal. Get it electronically signed and done!

Each subscription comes with tools you can use to communicate in real-time with clients, vendors, and colleagues.

  • Use video chat or start a video conference (similar to webex). Can't talk? Use the chat utility to get your point across while you are multitasking.
  • Share documents with links to allow editing now or save it for later. Put a "life expectancy" on your links so you can get people to respond by a designated time. No more edit delays!
  • Edit your proposal, spreadsheet, or presentation online and in real-time. Everyone can add their edits at the same time (color coded for each editor). You control which edits to accept or reject. Don't want that responsibility? Give control to any other editor you want and take it back when you need to.
  • Complete your negotiated document, save it as a pdf, and get it electronically signed (electronic signatures in all subscriptions except Basic Edition). Our electronic signature (e-sign) platform (similar to docusign and echo sign) complies with the US ESIGN Act, European Community Framework for Electronic Signature Directive 1999/93/EC, and uses XAdES-BES to comply with the EU technical specification ETSI TS 101 903 v1.4.1 XML Advanced Electronic Signatures. No per electronic document envelope fee. Usage is subject to moderate and reasonable use.
  • Tutorials and online support to get you up and productive quickly

Crimson eContracts was especially designed for -

  • Sales People that draft customer proposals, quotes, RFPs, confidentiality agreements, service agreements, work orders
  • Marketing Managers that collaboratively develop product collateral or program campaigns
  • Attorneys who negotiate contract terms and conditions and draft documents for clients
  • Paralegals who handling document versions
  • Purchasing Agents who negotiate and finalized purchasing terms and conditions
  • Independent Insurance Agents establishing or expanding their private offices
  • Personal Financial Planners establishing or expanding their private practice
  • Project Managers who manage program administration and reporting
  • Grant Writers who develop and manage funding proposals
  • Consultants who work with multiple professionals to develop client deliverables
  • Any Professional who needs to work collaboratively with others to get tasks done

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