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Communicate - Collaborate - Complete. Get Your Deal Done!

Take your network environment to the next level: Collaborate.Create a private, collaborative, and groupware productive environment for you and your colleagues.

So, you are connected. You have an office application suite, email, social media, and a presence in several groups and networks, even an avatar. The problem is, one application is not coordinated with the other; they are in their own ecosystems. Take your connectivity to the next level - Collaboration. Collaboration is networking on steroids. It's like getting work done in multiple dimensions of space and time. Hyper-charge your team! Get them coordinating, cooperating, collaborating, and more productive with our Small Business Subscription.

Group collaboration environment for your team

  1. Organize and coordinate your tasks as a group. Divvy out the work to get it done and track team progress. Work force automation for your team.
  2. Partner with a colleague to jointly tackle a difficult assignment or task.
  3. Share resources and knowledge among the group.
  4. Work in a secured environment.
  5. Group work is always available to all members

NextCloud features for groups

  1. Generate private, group text messages or chats
  2. Video chat with one or more colleagues
  3. Use Deck to share tasks among group members and track its progress
  4. Share files among colleagues (e.g., file sharing sites).
  5. Create unlimited number of share links. Manage share links by creating a "Due By Date" credential for each shared file or share files in "view only" mode.

Collabora Online features for groups

  1. Edit documents with colleague while chatting or having a video call or conference
  2. Share with others through multiple unique public links protected with video verification!
  3. Keep track of multiple document versions which show in a sidebar.
  4. Work jointly on text, spreadsheet, presentation documents (including Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint) and edit one master document (no version control issues).
  5. Post and share document comments in real time.
  6. Each subscriber gets his own E-sign user ID to send documents for electronic signatures
  7. No per electronic document envelope fee. Usage is subject to moderate and reasonable use.

SuiteCRM features for groups

  1. Each rep can manage his leads and take control over his accounts and contacts
  2. Managers can view pipeline status, sales closing results by rep or region
  3. Using NextCloud, managers can share sales results and discuss online with the group about action items and follow-ups
  4. Reps can assign follow-up actions to associates and support staff
  5. Create many reports (including chars) on sales analytics, customer profile, product performance, and other variables

Network Ecosystem

Communication: Email, text messages, voice mail, tweet, post, repeat and call to follow-up

Resources Availability: Search multiple locations and sites to get the information you need; You rely upon others to allow you access to the information you need

Resource Sharing: text or email someone to send you a file; download whatever information is available (up-to-date or not)

Working Together: email documents with tracked changes or redlined versions; edit permissions are blocked - you can only make comments about the document in a separate, return email

Workflow: A string of emails and text messages; complex

Security: Email is highly susceptible to viruses, malware, phishing, and other dangers. Behind a firewall? Now, you can't get the emails that you want.

Privacy: If you use Big Data services or application, you don't know what information of yours they may be viewing or gathering. Have you ever exited a store and then had your smart phone ask you,"how was your visit?" Creepy. Now imagine having your sensitive documents with Big Data.

verses Collaboration Ecosystem

Communication: group video chat or video conferencing; share document link for all to review the same document (no version conflict issues); real-time responses and updates. Video chat while editing the same document.

Resource Availability: One place, always available, flexible to individual's and organization's needs

Resource Sharing: Group sharing, group updates online make the information fresh and relevant; always the latest data

Working Together: real-time editing Word, Excel, PowerPoint documents or any Open Document format document. You capture all the edits, but you control what gets accepted into the final version.

Workflow: in real time, getting real work done. Save versions for later review and discussion (if you like). Simple.

Security: highly secured Linux-based servers with full encryption technology create a safe place to collaborate - Nice.

Privacy: Your data always remains yours. No spying. No behavior tracking. Period.

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