Crimson eContracts

Crimson eContracts is a real-time, document collaboration platform for getting contracts and other documents done. With our file sharing and text editing platform, you can -

  • edit the same document with no version conflicts,
  • collaboratively develop a project plan, allocate tasks, and keep track of its progress;
  • send your completed documents for electronic signature, and
  • much more.
  • negotiate and draft contracts in real-time with customers and vendors,

Crimson eContracts is powered by NextCloud and Collabora Online, two innovation leaders in the workforce collaboration market. Crimson eContacts's tools include -

  • Collabora Online- real-time document editing platform for word and text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations; store multiple versions. You can also upload your documents from your local drive and save to your local drive.
  • Video Chats - talk with customers, vendors, colleagues while negotiating and editing documents in real-time
  • Video Conferencing - host sales meetings, group planning sessions while editing documents in real-time
  • Document Sharing with User Controls - share documents to include editing control and time limits to access documents
  • Decker: a personal task manager - create stacks of activities or a roadmap, assign them to others and track their progress
  • Office Productivity Tools - create or import contacts and calendars; schedule online meetings; reminder notes
  • Send your completed documents for electronic signatures and track their completion progress
  • Online tutorials and support to get you up and running quickly!

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NextCloud is a registered mark by NextCloud GmbH Crimson eContract licenses Collabora Online from Collabora Ltd

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